Design / Build


Design/Build is the process of designing, installing and building a landscape. The process combines the talent and creativity of our skilled designers, and the strength and knowledge of our experienced technicians to successfully complete a project.

Professional Landscape Design

Our landscape designers pair their knowledge of plant material with the ability to artistically “decorate” your property.  They create your landscape on paper for your approval. When the design is approved, your designer will supervise the installation.


Nursery-Fresh Plant Material

We partner with various nurseries from around the northeast to provide the finest trees, shrubs and other plants, ensuring that they are fresh and hardiness rated for our climate.

Quality Bed Installation

Our skilled installation technicians are real plant people who pay special attention to bed preparation and planting practices. This includes proper spacing and depth as well as soil preparation.

Proven Hardscape Installation

Our hardscape crew has been building our projects for more than 10 years. They produce the high quality results that our designers and, more importantly, our customers have come to expect.


Your Guarantee

All hardscape projects are done to code and industry specifications using high quality materials to ensure the best results.  Plant material used in our plantings are installed in compliance with best practices to encourage years of enjoyment.

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