New Lawn Installations


We have found that hydro seeding for new lawns and renovated lawns, is the most economical and effective method to produce a lush green lawn. Sodding and conventional seeding is also available. Hydro seeding costs less than sod and the germination rate is higher than conventional seeding making it a popular choice.

hydroseedingAfter grading, we hydro seed lawns by spraying mixture of preimum seeds, a 70/30 wood/paper mulch blend and water. The hydromulch and water dry to form a protective coating over the seeds as they germinate, minimizing erosion but still allowing moisture to penetrate the protective coating. As the hydromulch breaks down, it also adds important organic matter to the soil.

We use a premium, local seed mix from Crosman, the oldest seed company in America, for a fine, drought-tolerant lawn. Our hydromulch has the best moisture retention for the critical germination period.

The result is a lush, green lawn in a fraction of the time required for conventional seeding.


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